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    chimneypiece were two portraits one of a gentleman with grey

    Perhaps I did believe it

    and he had no doubt the Prerogative Office would last our time I

    was, that night!

    unwilling to do, her humble connexions would render such a thing

    what with the Bank, and what with the Treasury, we were as

    ventured to glance at the respectable phenomenon, who had come

    and, while my mouth was yet open to receive the spoon, she would

    fond embrace; I have not the heart to tell I was troubled with no

    deliberately over the sacred piece of green, and stop in front of the

    quickly, extinguished my light, and went to bed But, as I fell

    I got into such a transport, that I felt quite sorry my coat was

    rear, and there it is still’ I laughed, and replied that I saw no

    do, to relent towards a miserable girl, and write down

    writing my life, were gradually forming all this while

    aunt ‘I knew, from the first moment when I saw her with that

    ‘That’s not catching, Trot, at any rate,’ remarked my aunt,

    strength of character that is not to be influenced, except on good

    David Copperfield

    and saw my half-guinea fly out of my mouth into his hand

    ‘Yes, sir,’ returned Uriah; ‘but Mr Maldon has come back, and

    Mr Spenlow apologetically murmured his assent

    It was occasioned, I suppose, by the reverend nature of


    forgotten that) was suited to us both She sat down by my side

    the projected business?’

    ‘Oh, don’t, Edward! I can’t bear to hear it Whatever I am, I am



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