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    old as the hills were as pure as any snow that ever fell upon the

    nothing but tenderness, not a single or reproachful word, with her

    we were all at the utmost height of enjoyment

    feeling, when the door opened, as if he might come in—the lazy

    some look of dislike or scrutiny that would find new cause for

    offered none, and we conversed on other subjects until we came to

    never ask me what it was, and don’t refer to it,’ until she had

    “‘Why, being gone, I am a man again,”

    at a post At length, confused by fright and heat, and doubting

    ‘No, no,’ interposed the Doctor ‘Pardon me!’

    door—I say her eyebrows rather than her eyes, because they were

    He can do nothing, only to be honored with honor, which is also demanding.

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘By the by, Wickfield,’ he said, stopping in a passage with his

    ‘We were very happy,’ said my mother ‘Mr Copperfield was

    for my stern career

    Miss Betsey, without taking the least notice of the interruption,

    sacrifice should be made, I entreated him to make it’ A miserable

    away with it—the setting in of rain one evening, with a fresh smell,

    knees, and doubled himself up with laughter With perfectly silent


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    another in a hurried way, kissing everybody, called out from the


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