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    who was looking at me

    Mr Spenlow conducted me through a paved courtyard formed

    ‘If you’re Master Murdstone,’ said the lady, ‘why do you go and

    Sometimes, I remember, I resigned myself to thoughts of home

    my aunt approved the result; and Mr Dick threw one of his shoes

    belonged to one another’

    that I knew nothing at all about him; and I inquired what Mr

    so many, many year!’

    ‘My mistress?’ she said ‘What do you want with her, boy?’

    little exertion after she was dressed, some of the buttons on the

    Glancing round as I made a suitable reply, I observed that the


    you heard her say, over and over again, that on this account she

    He was quite passive now; and when I heard him crying, the

    contrived, by some means or other, to prowl about the

    ‘Almost the very words I said to her!’ exclaimed her mother

    earning it under my old master; in short, acting on the advice of

    ‘But it must not be on me, Trotwood,’ returned Agnes, with a

    comfortable satisfaction, as he looked alternately at us and at the

    Copperfield,’ he replied, ‘that I should do any man an injustice:

    tomorrow morning’

    plate-warmer, and restored him to the light, sneezing very much,

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    All this time I was so conscious of the waste of any promise I

    ‘Do you think I can’t understand you as well as if I had seen

    was always there, upon a little table), remembered with a grateful

    eccentricities and odd humours, to be honoured and trusted in


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